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Dear Members, We have uploaded the new Telus 2023-2027 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is now accessible online. While we were eager to share both the English and French versions simultaneously, please note that the French copy is still undergoing final translation. Rest assured; we will promptly notify you as soon as it becomes available.

Steelworkers vote 99.6% to strike at Rogers Communications

In the heart of Philadelphia, a landmark event unfolded as thousands of dedicated union leaders from across the globe congregated for the 6th UNI Global Union World Congress. The United Steelworkers sent a small delegation of only seven people from the entire organization and our President, Donna Hokiro was thrilled to be included in the delegation represented USW Local 1944. We were honoured to be part of this prestigious gathering that marked a pivotal moment in the global labour movement.

Labour Day offers us the chance to applaud the remarkable achievements of Canadian workers, to recognize the invaluable contributions of labour towards forging a brighter nation. Think of the five-day work week, pensions, employment insurance, parental leave, and occupational health and safety standards – all fruits of labour's labour!

Unions, our driving force, persist in securing equitable wages, benefits, and working conditions. These form the cornerstone of a just and thriving Canadian society.

By Donna Hokiro, president, Local 1944, United Steelworkers Union By now, many, if not most Canadians are familiar with the ubiquitous ads propagated for so long by telecommunications giant Telus Corp.
In a powerful display of determination and unity, USW Local 1944 is stepping up its efforts to protect Canadian jobs and confront the alarming erosion of our collective bargaining unit. In a partnership with the USW Canadian National Office, Local 1944 is taking the fight directly to the most powerful person in the country, Prime Minister Trudeau.
Over the last few weeks, Telus has offered more than 4,000 Voluntary Severance Packages (VSPs) to USW Local 1944 members throughout Canada, representing a majority of their Unionized employees. This means that the very money that Canadians pay to Telus for telecom services is being used to pay Canadians to leave their jobs, thereby permanently eliminating good, middle-class, union jobs from this country. #ShameOnTelus
The prosperity of Canada’s economy is founded upon good, stable, Union jobs. With that in mind, USW Local 1944 expresses its deep disappointment that Telus, while professing that they ‘Give Where They Live’, has announced that it is offering nearly 2,000 Voluntary Severance Packages and Early Retirement Incentive Packages to Local 1944 members across the country.
One of the greatest benefits of unionization is our collective ability to hold the employer accountable. Not only does Local 1944 fight hard at the bargaining table, we also engage in a vigorous defense of our members on many other fronts. Most recently, the Union has been able to achieve settlements from the Company via the grievance and arbitration process. Here is a summary of some of our recent wins:
In this issue… - We highlight the momentum and solidarity that we have created during bargaining - We take a moment to celebrate our successes and breakdown the several advancements you helped your bargaining committee secure