Worker's Compensation and Health and Safety Committee


The Worker's Compensation and Health and Safety Committee works with units to reduce stress, defend members, advise on workers' compensation matters, negotiate for better health and safety conditions and lobby for better regulations and standards.

Health and Safety Creed

"The demands of the service or the importance of the job are never so great that we cannot do the job safely." If the job is NOT safe, in the opinion of the person doing the job, it should not be done by ANY person until it is safe.

Composition of the committee

John Alma 
Kelly Beaven 
Reuben Kahn 
Keller Reeves - Rogers
Brad Sinclair
Jenn Turner - Vice-présidente
David Makoutz - Rogers alternate

Corey Mandryk - Trustee, Co-Chair
Richard Blais - REO AB, Co-Chair


Please submit your application online if you are interested in filling one of the vacant positions in the Committee.



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BC Federation of Labour
BC Fed Health and Safety Training Dates

Ontario Federation of Labour
Workers Health and Safety Centre - Ontario's designated occupational health and safety 'training centre'

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Santé et sécurité du travail et Environnement


2021-05-25 - Reminder to Drivers of Company Vehicles over 5000Kg
 - 10 Healthy Habits for Mental Fitness
2019-06-06 - Alberta Wildfires - June 2019
2019-04-28 - National Day of Mourning 2019
2019-02-07 - Exposure limits for working in cold environments
2018-08-16 - Wildfires in BC cause state of emergency and Air Quality Advisories
2018-04-28 - National Day of Mourning 2018
2018-01-24 - Job Assessment Risk Review
2017-12-14 - Safety Bulletin
2017-10-23 - Your Right to Refuse; the system does work
2017-07-10 - Wildfires across British Columbia
2017-05-26 - Lack of Test and Treat Maintenance Programs for Poles
2017-05-12Safety Bulletin
2017-04-28National Day of Mourning 2017
2017-03-20 - Safety Bulletin
2017-02-24 - JARR Training and What You Should Do
2017-02-17Safety Bulletin
 - National Day of Mourning 2015
2013-05-02 - Fun/work in the Sun this Summer
2013-04-28 - National Day of Mourning 2013
2012-04-28 - National Day of Mourning 2012
2012-02-09 - Changes to the Regulation protecting late-night retail workers
2011-10-24 - Health & Safety and Violence in the Workplace training
2011-10-19 - Locals Review Committees
2011-07-07 - Slow down in the Cone Zone
2011-04-28 - National Day of Mourning 2011
2011-04-18 - Immediate Danger Involving Concrete Poles
2010-10-08 - Hydro Fuse Cut-Out Hazard - updated
2010-06-28 - Take responsibility for your safety
2009-11-30 - Class A2 and A3 Voltage Hazard
2009-11-19 - Injuries and pain from prolonged driving 
2009-05-21 - H&S Committee Online Training 
2008-12-04 - Working Alone Aloft in the Dark 
2008-10-01 - Stopping the spread of germs and illness 
2008-09-23 - Working from home 
2008-05-16 - Hydro Fuse Cut-Out Hazard
2008-04-04 - Workplace Health and Safety Committees
2008-03-14 - The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
2008-02-29 - Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day
2007-10-30 - Safety From The Bottom Up
2007-09-12 - Occupational Health and Safety Rights and Responsibilities at a Glance
2007-08-13 - Sitting on the Job - The Risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis 
2007-07-13 - Outdoor workers have a high risk for developing skin cancer 
2007-06-08 - Performing Your New Job Safely
2006-11-29 - Working in Extreme Winter Conditions 
2006-06-28 - Heat Stress Warning - Message relatif à la santé

For more information, please visit the USW Canada Health and Safety web page.