Telus Bargaining Updates

We have taken down our wage calculator because some technical issues with it have come to light.

Hello members,
In advance of our Town Hall meetings starting next week, we are sharing some of the more commonly asked questions along with the corresponding
Hello members,
In advance of our Town Hall meetings starting next week, we are sharing some of the more commonly asked questi
After two weeks of meetings with the membership, the votes are in: By an almost two-to-one margin, 65.3% of voting members have voted “No” to Telus’ offer. Just as importantly, 79.8% of members registered to vote, with 72.7% having cast a ballot. Despite an extreme and unprecedented amount of management pressure to support the offer, members have now clearly told Telus that they deserve more.

Hello Members,

We understand that most of you have been brought in for one-on-ones, team meetings, or have been telephoned at home while on vacation or other leaves by your managers, directors, or GMs to discuss the Telus offer and upcoming vote.

By now, you may have received a proposed collective agreement from Telus, which they believe that you will settle for and accept this substandard offer. We believe this offer should be firmly rejected as Telus can do better.

Hello Members,

As mentioned in Bargaining Update #27, your Bargaining Committee is holding Town Hall meetings to show you the sub-par contract that Telus is offering. You will have an opportunity to vote on this abhorrent offer. As you know, we are recommending a NO and will explain our rationale in detail and answer all of your questions during these upcoming sessions.

Telus - The Company That Stole Christmas

It is with great regret that your Bargaining Committee is advising you of Telus’ unilateral decision to halt bargaining by walking away from the table. For the past 14 months, your Bargaining Committee has shown up to the table ready to engage in good faith bargaining with Telus. From day one, our message has been clear: we want a fair deal. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Management.

We have been working hard to negotiate a fair and equitable contract and are leaving no stone unturned. When we are not in front of the Company, we are continuing to work for you, our members.

December 13, 2022

Bargaining Update #7

The Union and Company Bargaining Committees met several times throughout the month of November and while we did not get as much movement as we had hoped, we do want to provide an update to you as we have met for the final time this calendar year.

Bargaining an initial Collective Agreement is a very long process, and though it is taking a long time, please know that this Committee is resolute in their goal of bringing you a fair and respectful agreement. We do have several more dates set in the New Year.

With your 97% strike mandate, we entered into conciliation, and negotiations between the parties have resumed. The Union and the Company met with FMCS Conciliator Kathy Peters throughout the last two weeks. Meaningful discussions on outstanding key issues have taken place, and we have continued negotiating toward the best possible deal for you, the members. Your support is making this possible.