Civil and Human Rights Committee


Our members reflect the diversity of Canada. We celebrate differences and believe that everyone is entitled to a workplace that is free from discrimination, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, status or sexual orientation.

Our union helped achieve legislation and regulations that provide for equal pay, anti-harassment protection and employment equity provisions.

Composition of the USW Local 1944 Civil and Human Rights Committee

Candace Knoll - BC 
Keller Reeves - BC 
Chris Endicott - BC Alternate
Marie Hutchinson - AB 
Bill Clarke - AB
Cory Anderson - AB Alternate 
Lauren Harrington - ON 
Kelly Barron – ON
Vacant - ON Alternate
Widmarc Innocent – QC
Vacant - QC
Vacant - QC Alternate
Brooke Downey - REO, ex-Officio 
Isabelle Miller - National President, ex-Officio

Contact the Committee

You can contact the Civil and Human Rights Committee at [email protected].

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