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Building a Better Future for Telecom Employees

Technology in telecom is changing quickly. Profitable companies are cutting costs on the backs of hard-working employees. Regulations are shifting. 

It all adds up to one thing: if you work in telecom, you deserve a voice in what’s happening to your job and your sector.

The Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) and the United Steelworkers (USW) have joined together to build a better future for people working in telecom. The TWU-USW merger brings together Canada’s pre-eminent telecom union with Canada’s most diverse and progressive union.

If you work for any of the telecom companies, or even if you work for any of the contractors doing telecom work, make sure you know what being a union member and having a real voice on the job can mean for you.  We are committed to providing telecom employees without union representation with the information they need to join.

It is the hard work, skills, insights and abilities of telecom employees that make Canada’s telecom companies like Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Bell and others so profitable.
Our mandate as a union is to engage in smart, progressive bargaining to protect and improve pay, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.

Beyond Bargaining

We’ll also be active beyond the bargaining table to ensure that employees’ voices help shape the future of the telecom sector in Canada. We’ll take our voices to the halls of government to make sure telecom employees’ interests are taken seriously when new policies and laws are made.

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