Participate in Upcoming Steelworkers Vote Training Sessions!

Hello members, 

Provincial elections are rapidly approaching for both BC and Saskatchewan. As Steelworkers we understand the importance of having the right people in government to keep workers rights top of mind. Elections matter and Steelworkers involvement can make a difference. 

We are encouraging members to get involved and become politically active or even refresh your campaigning skills by participating in this customized training. The course raises awareness about the importance of politics in our daily lives, builds support for Steelworker campaigns, and identifies ways Steelworkers can take political action to elect more progressive candidates. Sessions will be full days, including evening work and volunteering. B.C. participants are expected to participate over the weekend.

Here are the upcoming training sessions:

BC Advanced SWV Member-to-Member Outreach

  • Dates: Sept 23-27, 2024
  • Location: To be announced
  • Details: Designed for USW activists with previous Steelworkers Vote training or campaign experience. Focuses on member-to-member outreach in targeted areas across British Columbia.

Regina SWV Activist Training

  • Dates: Oct 7-11, 2024

Langley/Fraser Valley SWV Activist Training

  • Dates: Oct 15-19, 2024 (Includes Saturday)

Burnaby/Vancouver SWV Activist Training

  • Dates: Oct 15-19, 2024 (Includes Saturday)

Saskatoon SWV Activist Training

  • Dates: Oct 21-25, 2024

Additional Information:

  • Alberta members are welcome to attend trainings in BC or Saskatchewan.

All members interested in attending must submit an application. Applications will undergo an interview by phone as part of the vetting process before final approval is granted.


In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944