Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee's Mandate

The mandate of the Grievance Committee is to support and enhance the grievance procedure. The Committee reviews grievances and determines whether the grievance will proceed to arbitration. The Committee works closely with the Local Union Representative, the Unit Counsellor, USW Staff Representatives and/or legal counsel, as required. The Grievance Committee also administers appeals, monitors grievance patterns, assesses additional training needs and reports to the Executive Board on its work.

In addition, the Grievance Committee discusses and recommends what ongoing and additional mentoring is needed for the stewards of the Local Union in terms of grievance handling and arbitration, and shall review grievance documentation at all levels to identify employer trends of interest.

Committee's Members

Steve Durrell - Local Union Representative, AB
Steve McWhirter - Local Union Representative, BC

Cory Serson - Local Union Representative, ON
Alexander Livingston
 - Local Union Representative, QC
Ross Brown - Secretary-Treasurer

Michael Phillips - President

Jenn Turner - Vice President

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