Grievance Committee

District 3 Director Steve Hunt, Secretary-Treasurer Michael Phillips, Acting President Donna Hokiro, Local Union Representatives Hans-Woosly Balan, Steve McWhirter, Tricia Watt and Joe Benn, President Isabelle Miller, Staff Representative Randy Gatzka

The USW Local 1944 National Grievance Committee

The Local is proud to have formed a Grievance Committee! The members assigned to the grievance committee are all experienced leaders and skilled at grievance handling. Acting President Hokiro, Chair of the Committee, had this to say about the Local's new endeavour: "I’m excited to be part of the grievance committee because I see the committee as the vehicle to improve membership engagement and that in turn will drive revitalization in the Local Union."

Each of the committee members has included thoughts of their own as to what having such a committee means to them:

Joe Benn: "A grievance committee for Local 1944 is a welcome addition in advance of future rounds of bargaining for our four certifications with the grievance arbitration process is our foremost tool to fight for and embrace our entire membership."

Tricia Watt: "Having a grievance committee means having our membership fighting as one collective."

Steve McWhirter: "Coming together in a National committee will enable us to make the best decisions and suggestions on our grievance files. By supporting the grievance process, we are fostering more empowered shop stewards on the shop floor!"

Hans-Woosly Balan: "Making sure that the membership’s voice is heard loudly at every step."

Michael Phillips: "Having a Grievance Committee means that if you have a grievance, you can be confident knowing that several of our Local’s most knowledgeable staff and officers are available to determine how best to fight for your rights."

The Grievance Committee's Mandate

The mandate of the USW Local 1944 Grievance Committee is to support and enhance the grievance procedure. The Committee will review grievances and determine whether the grievance will proceed to arbitration. The Committee will work closely with the Local Union Representative, the Unit Counsellor, USW Staff Representatives and/or legal counsel, as required. The Grievance Committee will also administer appeals, monitor grievance patterns, assess additional training needs and report to the National Executive Committee on its work.

In addition, the Grievance Committee discusses and recommends what ongoing and additional mentoring is needed for the stewards of the Local Union in terms of grievance handling and arbitration, and shall review grievance documentation at all levels to identify employer trends of interest.

Local 1944's Grievance Committee is comprised of the USW Staff Representatives assigned to Local, the Local’s Table Officers, and assigned Local Union Representatives. The Committee Chair shall determine how often the Grievance Committee needs to meet, with a frequency of no less than once per month.

Committee's Members

Donna Hokiro, Acting President
Hans-Woosly Balan, Local Union Representative
Joe Benn, Local Union Representative
Steve McWhirter, Local Union Representative
Tricia Watt, Local Union Representative
Michael Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer (ex-Officio)

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]