Committees and Campaigns

Building a team of volunteer organizers increases our ability to strengthen Local 1944, that is why we encourage all our members to get involved. 

As we move forward in building Local 1944, there are many ways to get involved in your Local. If you are a new member, the first thing you are encouraged to do is to attend your Unit meetings, and meet with your Local Union Representative.

You can also join one of our Committees:

  • Get involved in the Civil and Human Rights Committee to become an advocate for human’s rights in your community and union.
  • Get involved in the Health and Safety Committee to lobby for better regulations and standards.
  • Get involved in the Next Gen Committee to seize opportunities for mentoring and leadership development.
  • Get involved in the Political Action Committee to lobby for laws that have a positive impact on our workplaces and communities.
  • Get involved in SOAR to stay involved when you retire.
  • Get involved in the Women of Steel Committee to benefit from training and leadership development.

Getting involved with your Local will help you to improve your skills (leadership, communication…), develop your network, and make an impact in your Local, workplace and community.

Thank you for getting involved in your Union!