Burn Out - Women of Steel Committee

Generally, members are aware of what depression, anxiety and stress are. However, workers may not be aware of what burnout is. The Women of Steel are releasing four publications raising awareness around some common mental health issues, with a focus on burnout which could be affecting members.

Each publication is available in letter format (best for computer screens) and A6 format (best for cell phone screens).

Publication #1: Burnout, Anxiety, Stress and Depression
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Publication #2: Living with Burnout — Self-care
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Publication #3: How burnout could affect you at work? The evolution of burnout from an individual’s responsibility to now include a responsibility of employers as contributors
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Publication #4: When self-care isn’t working, what’s the next step?
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At any time if you need help, please reach out to the Union. These communication pieces have been created in the spirit of education and empowerment.

In Solidarity,

Women of Steel USW Local 1944 Committee
Donna Hokiro, Terika Peters, Alina Gherghinoiu, Gigi Wojdyga, Rachel Worley, Wendy Hail, and Natasha Aodan