Telus Technician Holiday Coding

June 8, 2017 - USW Local 1944 would like to remind Telus Certification technicians working in Appendix A to double check schedule coding in fieldlink year to date for all holidays worked.

Upon the ratification of the most recent Telus collective agreement, the employer removed all 2x coding under overtime. While members may have been previously advised by management to code worked holidays as overtime (OT), the coding will only pay out at 1.5x. All worked holidays should be coded as Holiday Worked (HW) to ensure proper compensation, which is the paid holiday at regular rate plus 1 times premium for working the holiday. This language can be found in the collective agreement at A3.03 and A3.06, for your reference.

The employer previously stated that they would retroactively recode all erroneous holiday coding but still have not done so. Please take the time to ensure you’re receiving proper compensation for working holidays, and feel free to direct any questions to your immediate manager, time admin or union representative.

In Solidarity, 

United Steelworkers Local 1944