Results of the 2017 USW International Executive Board Nomination Vote

September 27, 2017 - Yesterday, members of the USW Local 1944 conducted nominations for the 2017 USW International Elections.

The nominations were conducted by secret ballot through telephone and internet voting. Results were verified through Intelivote Systems Inc. The results of the nomination vote are as follows:

Leo W. Gerard for International President86.9%13.1%
Stan Johnson for International Secretary-Treasurer88.6%11.4%
Thomas M. Conway for International Vice-President (Administration)89.7%10.3%
Fred Redmond for International Vice-President (Human Affairs)90.1%09.9%
Ken Neumann for National Director of Canada88.0%12.0%
Jon Geenen for International Vice-President86.7%13.3%
Carol Landry for International Vice-President At Large88.3%11.7%
Stephen Hunt for Director of USW District 383.1%16.9%
Alain Croteau for Director of USW District 595.2%04.8%
Marty Warren for Director of USW District 6100%0%

*District Director nominations were conducted by TWU, USW National Local 1944 members residing in their home District, i.e. members in BC and AB could only nominate the District 3 Director, members in QC could only nominate the District 5 Director, and members in ON could only nominate the District 6 Director.

Our Local has nominated the names above to run in the USW International Executive Board Election in November, for the positions indicated. Please note that an eligible USW member will only be placed on the election ballot in November if they are nominated by the required number of Locals.

Thank you for taking part in our Union's democratic process.

In Solidarity,

United Steelworkers Local 1944