Celebrating Women’s History Month

October 2, 2017 - A month dedicated to the recognition of women’s contributionsOctober is Women’s History Month, a time for Canadians to honour the women and girls whose passion and talents have pushed forward gender equality and women’s empowerment. It is also a time for us to celebrate the generations of sisters who got involved in the labour movement throughout history and empowered themselves in the fight for equality at work.

“Women and girls contributed greatly to the development of our country,” says Betty Carrasco, National Vice-President of USW Local 1944. “Women’s History Month is a time for reflecting on gender equality and finding ways to implement it, through collective bargaining, leadership development and empowerment.”

We have made great strides toward gender equality and women’s empowerment over the past 150 years. Yet, women still face barriers every day with sexism and discrimination affecting and shaping the lives of too many Canadians.

Change is possible, and today, women, girls, men, and boys continue the quest for equality and inclusion.

USW Local 1944 encourages all members to honour the actions and celebrate the courageous women and girls who inspire you to #ClaimYourPlace. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ClaimYourPlace and share photos, videos and words of inspiration. Share your stories of finding your voice on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tell the world how you #ClaimYourPlace!

A history that we can be proud of
Women have been on the front lines in the shaping of our union, and the TWU, USW National Local 1944 feels proud of their many accomplishments. Our Local is constantly defending women’s rights and pushing for non-discrimination, employment and pay equity, and maternity leave. Nowadays, women hold important positions within our Local’s structure: they represent 57% of our National Executive Council members and half of our table officers.

We are Women of Steel!
The Women of Steel program is a growing segment of the USW Local 1944, which encourages women to be leaders within the local union. The Women of Steel program represents the diverse women in our Local, educates women about their rights, and lobbies for the legislative changes and collective bargaining that support women in the workplace.

For more information about the Women of Steel program, visit: www.usw.ca/act/activism/women-of-steel.

Women of Steel T-shirts available
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In Solidarity,

United Steelworkers Local 1944