Federal Elections - October 21, 2019

October 18, 2019 - USW Local 1944 endorses the NDP in the Federal Election. The reason is simple: the NDP is the only party that will properly invest in services that people need, make life and housing more affordable, implement pharmacare and affordable child care, protect and improve public and private pension plans, and address the climate issue while creating sustainable jobs.

“USW Local 1944 doesn’t agree with the NDP on every issue, but despite some disagreements, our core values are the same,” said Donna Hokiro, Acting President of USW Local 1944. “Please reflect on these questions: Can we afford a government that will grant tax cuts to private corporations while cutting public services essential to the working people? Do we want to bet everything on fear, racism and intolerance? I bet we don’t, I know I don’t. Which other party than the NDP puts working people first? Which other party invests in public services, health care and housing? I know one thing for sure: It will be easier to build a future alongside a party that protects workers’ rights and the environment, than with a party that destroys both. Consider voting for the one party that shares our values, not for those who will step on them.”

Be ready to vote

Election Day is on Monday, October 21, 2019 – polls will be open for 12 hours.

To vote, you must be a Canadian citizen, be at least 18 years old on election day, and bring documentation that proves your identity and address. You must vote at your assigned polling station

For more information on how to vote, please refer to the Federal Election web site at www.elections.ca.

You are entitled to time off to vote on Election Day

By law, everyone who is eligible to vote must have three consecutive hours to cast their vote on election day. Your company has the right to decide when the time off will be given, but it has to allow you either to arrive late or depart early if your hours of work do not allow for three consecutive hours to vote. Your company is subject to a penalty if it fails to do so, or if it reduces your pay for the provided time off to vote. For more information, please refer to the Elections Canada web site.

Voting for the NDP is supporting a diverse Canada, women’s right to choose, meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and a brighter future for our children. On October 21, let’s get out and vote to elect a NDP government that will make Canada a fair place for everyone.

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944