Safety Bulletin - March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 - On Thursday March 9, the TWU, USW National Local 1944 and Telus Joint Policy Committee met for their first scheduled meeting of 2017.

Telus Director Jordon West was invited by the employer side of the committee as a guest and gave a presentation regarding the newly implemented JARR safety process to the entire committee. The JARR is represented as a concerted effort for the employer to deal with the top three types of incidents experienced by CSD, those being Slips, Trips and Falls; Manual Materials Handling and Motor Vehicle Accidents. Subsequently, the employee side of the committee requested access to the data reports for those three types of incidents for the years of 2014 to 2016 to help identify current trending and to help predict where these issues will likely go in the future. The presentation also contained a limited preamble for further Q2 JARR initiatives that were not covered in any depth on March 9th.

The TWU, USW Local 1944 National Health and Safety Committee is committed to participating in safety at work and looks forward to meaningful consultation on the JARR Program as time goes on. We thank you the general member for your support of our protected Right to Participate under Part II of Canada Labour Code, and encourage your continued use of your individual protected Right to Know under Part II of Canada Labour Code.

“The demands of the service or the importance of the job are never so great that we cannot do the job safely.”


TWU, USW Local 1944 National Health and Safety Committee.