When: Thursday, Jul 19, 2018, 8:30AM - 11:30AM

USW Local 1944 Office
5261 Lane Street,
Burnaby, BC

After 16 days of bargaining, the only agreement we have is on minor housekeeping issues. Shaw has offered 0% wage increases and a small lump sum on the table in hopes that a couple hundred dollars in your pocket will distract you from their real intention – the further erosion and elimination of your jobs.

Shaw’s counter offer is concessional and the implementation of it would be detrimental to the members of Unit 60. Based on their position your bargaining committee has determined that we will be holding three strike vote meetings and encouraging a strong yes vote. At these meetings, we will provide a full update on the status of negotiations, and you will be asked to vote on taking strike action.

The question on the ballot is: “Are you in favour of a strike?”