Shaw Vancouver and Surrey Bargaining Update #6

Monday, July 10, 2023

Rogers Vancouver and Surrey Update #6

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our four Bargaining Update Town Halls across the Lower Mainland over the past two weeks. The topic of conversation was important, thus it was vital to be in front of as many of you as possible. We appreciated your passionate participation – we heard your questions and suggestions loud and clear, and they will shape our approach when we return to the Table July 18th, 19th, and 20th.

As mentioned in the Town Halls, we are focused on drawing a very thick black line between what a contractor can and cannot do.

We will defend our work with clear, unambiguous language to avoid convenient reinterpretations that threaten to erode our jurisdiction. You and your families’ futures depend on it.

Stay tuned to your CAT forums and prepare to participate more and more as we get closer to a deal.

As all Unit 60 members are keenly aware: you get the contract you deserve.


Stay solid,
Your Unit 60 Bargaining Committee