Shaw Vancouver and Surrey Bargaining Update #11

Friday, September 8, 2023 - 

The West Remembers…

COVID-19 Lay-offs.

As conciliation unfolds, expect the dribble of friendly communications from management to ramp up as they attempt to colour the proceedings from their perspective.

Check your source.

Are the updates and details you’re receiving from your Bargaining Team – rank and file members who have fought shoulder-to-shoulder with you over the last 3 rounds of negotiations? Or are they from certain members of management who see you as items on a spreadsheet to be manipulated for their own gain?

Judged by their actions.

Recall who led the video meetings with Unit 60 members, defending their choice that a significant portion of the membership would be let go less than two months from the onset of COVID-19. When most of the world was pulling together under extenuating circumstances, our management team decided to expedite lay-offs, throwing nearly 100 families into further hardship and despair. Despite Unit 60 leadership’s rational and ultimately correct assessment of Shaw’s prosperity as a communications link for people restricted to their homes for months on end, we were told the lay-offs were needed because of the perceived uncertainties the pandemic would have on the profitability of the business.

Behind the scenes was another story, however.

Upper management and executives admitted they changed long-standing metrics for their own bonus structure to ensure they prospered on the backs of our brothers’ and sisters’ suffering (Reference: ‘Shaw pays millions in executive bonuses despite COVID-19’; Globe and Mail, December 16, 2020). Furthermore, prior to our members who had chosen to remain on the recall list being recalled, this same management team brought in contractors to perform the exact same work as those Unit 60 members who had lost their jobs – an obscene violation of our collective agreement that added insult to injury.

Profits soared. Lucrative bonuses paid. Promotions awarded.
Do you think these same individuals are looking out for your best interests today?
They may be wearing red now, but they’re blue through and through.

The West Remembers

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In solidarity,
Unit 60 Bargaining Committee