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Our magazine is dedicated to our Local’s life, so we need our members to participate! If you would like your texts and photos to be featured in our next edition, please send an email to communications@usw1944.ca.

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  • A Tribute to Donna Hokiro - Celebrating her impactful career as she steps into retirement. Reflect on her legacy of passion and leadership.
  • Local Union Delegated Meeting 2024 - Catch the key moments from LUDM 2024: intense debates, resolutions, and our members’ dedication to justice.
  • AFL & BC Winter School Highlights - Insights from attendees' transformative experiences, shaping the future of union activism.
  • Empowering Change - Join our leaders at the BC Legislature as they push for sectoral improvements, ensuring job security and fairness.

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Check out the Summer 2023 issue of your 1944@Work magazine.
In this issue… - We highlight the momentum and solidarity that we have created during bargaining - We take a moment to celebrate our successes and breakdown the several advancements you helped your bargaining committee secure
July 28 2022 - Check out the July 2022 issue of your 1944@Work magazine.
December 23, 2020 - Acting President Donna Hokiro reflects on the past year and reminds us that we need to stay connected if we want to be able to create the needed change. The fight continues for Unit 60 Abbotsford members as Shaw doesn’t want to share a dime of its profits. Please use the hashtag #NoFear on social media to show your support.
November 30, 2020 - On November 20th, Members voted to elect their LUDM delegates and USW – Telus bargaining committee members, and election results have been announced. In a statement, Acting President Donna Hokiro explains why it is important that members at Telus participate in the bargaining survey and get involved in this round of bargaining.
October 30, 2020 - As the Executive Board met by Zoom videoconference in mid-October, Board members received Officer and Committee reports and approved the amalgamation of Units 1, 5 and 7 into a new Unit 7. Sister Brooke Downey stepped down from her positions as REO Ontario and Chair of the Civil and Human Rights Committee; the Local Union is thankful for her fierce activism and dedication to the membership.