September [email protected]: Upcoming election of the Local 1944 – Telus Bargaining Committee, members at Shaw Abbotsford show #NoFear, scholarship recipients 2020, winners of our photo contest, and more

September 30, 2020 - Check out the September 2020 issue of your [email protected] magazine.

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In this issue, you will find a recap of the Local 1944 — Telus Bargaining Committee election process. If you would like to be on the front line during this round of bargaining by being a member on the Committee, please attend your upcoming Unit meeting and get nominated to seek election.

Meet the new Regional Executive Officer Alberta Richard Blais and the three Staff Representatives working with Local 1944: Randy Gatzka, Scott Lunny and Jayson Little. 

Discover some pictures of our members at Shaw Abbotsford who are currently bargaining with their employer for a respectful agreement. Show your solidarity on social media using the hashtag #NoFear.

This year’s scholarships recipients have been announced, as well as the three winning pictures of our photo contest.

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In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944