Introducing our Online Bargaining Support Kit Part 1

Hello 1944 Members,

Members have been asking, 'how can I help?'

Today, we are pleased to roll out our Online Bargaining Support Kit - Part 1, which includes a list of organizations - all of which have bestowed various awards on Telus for everything from brand to social impact.

We are encouraging our members to go through this list, email the contacts provided, and post on their social media platforms.

Please keep these posts/contact efforts to the scripts provided below to make clear that this is a Union campaign. Feel free to use which messages touch you personally.

  1. I'm reaching out to voice concern over working conditions that many Telus employees are living under. Please see the attached clip campaign- entitled Telus, How You’ve Changed- that was recently released, which speaks to these concerns.

  2. Please see the attached clip campaign entitled Telus, How You’ve Changed, in which members speak out about their working conditions. We feel that this information may be valuable to future assessments your organization makes.

  3.  Hello, recently your organization bestowed an award on Telus Communications. Telus members, however, are in the midst of a major battle over working conditions, and the long term sustainability of our onshore workforce. In the last six (6) years alone, Telus has reduced its workforce by 5000 unionized jobs. Most recently, Telus has walked away from the negotiating table, reiterating that they have no desire to move off of major concessions. Please see the attached link for more information;

  4. Recently your organization provided an award to Telus Communications. The reality, though, is dim for many frontline Telus workers. In the midst of the collective bargaining process, Telus has walked away from the table, refusing to move on many critical concessions- despite record profits, and amidst an inflationary environment that has resulted in immense pressure. See the following link for more details.

  5. Hello, I wanted to reach out to your organization. Recently, you provided an award to Telus Communications. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the recent Union negotiations taking place. Telus has tabled many concessions, including no wage increase from the expiry of the previous collective agreement, which means no retroactivity during the most inflationary period, the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. They are withholding any raise until ratification, which could be many months out still. To make matters worse they have pension and health benefit concessions, as well as many more. Despite their activity in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) space, and their insistence that they are committed to Canadian communities, they have reduced their workforce by 5000 unionized jobs in the last six (6) years alone. Notwithstanding the current inflationary climate, Telus has decided to walk away from the table. For the first time in over 17 years, frontline Telus workers have voted down this subpar offer, despite major management pressure, and are standing firm. See the following link for more details.
Please find the list of award-issuing organizations here.
Stay tuned for future parts of our ongoing Online Bargaining Support Kit.
In Strength and Solidarity,
USW Local 1944