Bargaining Update #32 - Members Reject Telus Offer

After two weeks of meetings with the membership, the votes are in: By an almost two-to-one margin, 65.3% of voting members have voted “No” to Telus’ offer. Just as importantly, 79.8% of members registered to vote, with 72.7% having cast a ballot. Despite an extreme and unprecedented amount of management pressure to support the offer, members have now clearly told Telus that they deserve more.

Your Bargaining Committee worked tirelessly, for well over a year, to bring you the best possible Collective Agreement. We firmly agree with you, that you deserve better than what Telus was offering. We thank you for your participation in the vote and for supporting your Bargaining Committee’s recommendation.

Our committee has always maintained that we are working towards a fair collective agreement, and not a dispute. The members have sent us back to the table to reach a tentative agreement. We will continue to communicate with you throughout the process and are open to engaging in good faith dialogue with the Company. 

In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee