Telus Bargaining Update #33 - Where is Telus?

Where is Telus?

You said NO!

We are ready, and the Conciliator is ready, but Telus has refused to resume negotiations.

Telus believed that you would accept their subpar offer, but they were wrong. They are ignoring you.

Telus said their offer was "extremely compelling," but they were wrong. They are ignoring you.

Telus said they recognized your "exceptional efforts and achievements" but they got it wrong. They are ignoring you.

We heard you.

Your Union is stronger and more united than it has been in 17 years thanks to your support and solidarity, therefore we have a wide array of options to escalate pressure on the employer. It’s up to the Company to determine how far we need to go to make them offer you a fair deal.

In the coming days we will commence a new phase of escalated actions across the country, which we intend will last until the end of February if no deal can be reached, at which time we will assess the need to resort to the strongest possible measures. Hold the line as we prepare for what comes next; patience and calm resolve are vital at this time. Please watch for further updates on upcoming solidarity actions and continue to support your Bargaining Committee.

Telus, it's time to come to the Table!

In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee