Alberta wildfires – June 2019

June 6, 2019 - As we are all aware, Alberta is experiencing wildfires along with Northern Ontario.

Current wildfires out of control in Alberta are:

  • High Level: 275,000 ha and 24,000 ha
  • Slave Lake region: 239,000 ha
  • Peace River Region: 56,000 ha

(For comparison, the 2016 Fort McMurray fire was 84,984 ha.)

Current wildfires out of control in Northern Ontario are:

  • Alkali Lake: current size unknown
  • Black Angus Creek: 1,800 hectares (estimated) 

Currently in BC, there are no identified fires out of control.

The National Health and Safety Committee would like to remind members either heading back to their homes or working in fire-affected areas that safety should be at the forefront of their attention. We provide more information for you to review (also available on our Facebook page).

If you are working in the affected areas, ensure that you have been fit-tested and are wearing your respirator mask as the smoke particulate may cause issues with breathing. 

Also, if you are working with gas or propane for any of the equipment you are using, ensure that you are aware of the location of the fire or any hotspots. If you notice hotspots, notify the local fire authorities or police immediately.

  • 8-hour notice Evacuation Alerts are still in effect for High Level and Surrounding areas. This means you must be ready to evacuate again in the event the fire turns.

Evacuations are still in effect for the following:

  • Some areas of Mackenzie County
  • Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement
  • Trout Lake area of Peerless Trout First Nation
  • Keg River, Carcajou, and all residents from the northern border of the County of Northern Lights to Township Road 922 (Notikewin Road)
  • Wabasca-Desmarais, Bigstone Cree Nation, Sandy Lake and Chipewyan Lake Village
  • Steen River 

Note: Fire bans remain in effect for most areas of Alberta but especially in the north and west portions of the province, most National and Provincial Parks currently have a ban on open fires.

Further information on bans can be found here for:

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944 National Health and Safety Committee