Contracting Out Letters

TELUS Contracting Out Notifications

Notifications received from TELUS of bargaining unit work they intend to contract out, pursuant to Article 19.02 of the Collective Agreement.

Letter DateIdentified WorkContractor
2023/08/16Portion of the Network Operations CentreExternal Contractor
2023/06/28Portion of Network AssuranceExternal Contractor
2022/09/06Portion of the Engineering Pole Plan Reviews External Contractor
2022/03/14Portion of the Optik TV Broadcast Operations External Contractor
2021/08/04Migration and activation of jumpers functions in Central Office frames (AB and BC)External Contractor
2020/08/04Portion of Telus Consumer Wireline SupportTelus International
2020/07/20Portion of Telus Cable Repair and Network Support in BC and AlbertaTelus International
2020/03/26Portion of Telus Audio Conferencing Support functionsExternal Contractor
2019/07/23Telus Day of DispatchExternal Contractor
2019/06/05Portions of Voice Test FFHExternal Contractor
2019/02/13Telus Day of DispatchExternal Contractor
2019/02/07Portions of Telus Payroll functionsExternal Contractor
2019/01/21Portion of TELUS Materials Support CentreExternal Contractor
2018/01/26Clerical functions associated with Fleet OperationsExternal Contractor
2017/06/15Client Account Management (CAM) call centre workExternal Contractor
2017/06/02Inventory allocations and related clerical functions associated with Purchasing and Inventory ManagementExternal Contractor
2017/01/10Outside Plant - Cable Repair and Maintenance and associated workExternal Contractor
2016/10/12Wireless Testing, Data Collection & Analysis workExternal Contractor
2016/07/19Clerical functions associated with training in Customer Solutions Delivery (CSD)External Contractor
2016/07/06Portions of Implementation and Fulfillment Management workExternal Contractor
2016/06/07Portions of Mobility and FFH call centre work in Care, DNA, Assure, L&R and CAMTelus International
2016/04/21Portion of BCX Service Assurance workTelus International
2016/01/07Portions of coordination and administration work related to network change management processesExternal Contractor
2016/01/07Portions of work associated with Customer Solutions Delivery administration supportExternal Contractor
2015/11/05Data assurance and other related support functions and activities associated with 411 listings, related to their US content.Telus International Philippines
2015/09/30Work related to DC Power equipmentExternal Contractor
2015/09/30Portions of Wireless Site Audits, Inspections & Prevention Maintenance ActivitiesExternal Contractor
2015/08/27Portions of wireless Planning, Design and EngineeringExternal Contractor
2015/06/03Portion of Client Account Management (CAM) workExternal Contractor
2015/05/04Portions of the National Design, Activate and Test functions associated with Customer Transport Design workExternal Contractor
2015/05/04Portions of Enterprise and Medium Business Wireline Customer Care workExternal Contractor
2014/05/13Data Entry, reporting and administrative functions of Training/Learning Support CoordinatorsTelus International
2014/03/17Portion of Business Loyalty and Retention work.Telus International
2013/09/26Portion of Enterprise activations.Telus International
2013/06/03Portion of Enterprise IT Service Desk.Telus International
2013/05/28National Sales Contract Centre (NSCC) Inside Sales wireline work.Telus International
2012/11/19Physical Security Systems and related work.External Contractor
2012/08/03Planning, Design and Engineering related work.External Contractor
2012/08/03Remaining work related to telecommunications tower structures and equipment.External Contractor
2012/02/29Remaining functions associated with repair and maintenance of AC and DC power generators, UPS systems and transfer switches.External Contractor
2011/10/14Installation, repair and/or removal of pay phones and/or pay phone booths.External Contractor
2011/08/25Co-ordination of the buried drop order function and related activities in Alberta. Existing team members are not impacted by this development.External Contractor
2011/04/27Prestage, programming and related function of voice and data equipment for Business Customer InstallsExternal Contractor
2010/11/22Some of the off-contract and manual order work currently performed within the Customer Experience are of Customer SolutionsExternal Contractor
2010/09/23Facilities Inventory Coordination and related functionsExternal Contractor
2010/07/21BC and Alberta Warehouse and Distribution functionsExternal Contractor
2010/07/09Portion of outbound sales work in SMB area of Customer SolutionsExternal Contractor
2010/05/10- Data Services Fulfillment, plus related activities for Business customer installs 
2010/03/18- Repair Shop in Toronto for wireless
- Buyers from BC
- Material Master
- Inventory Management
- External Contractor
- Work going Offshore
2010/02/24- NSIS VDSL2 ProjectExternal Contractor
2009/08/31- Contract maintenance renewal quotes outsourcedService Source INC (SSI)
2009/07/28- Hardware and Software server operationsTelus International
2009/05/29- Client Account Management call centre workTelus International
2009/05/12- Commission and Incentive ManagementTelus International
2009/03/10- Customer Care National Business Office (NBO) - manual order workTelus International
2009/03/09- Complex Voice Fulfillment
- Data Services Fulfillment
- Mass Market Fulfillment - expansion
Telus International-Manila
2009/02/02- Client Care workTelus International
2008/12/02TELUS BC
- Warehousing of Cable
2008/12/02TELUS BC
- Network consumables
2008/10/29- Imaging of new desktop and laptop computers
- Installation of new/replacement desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors and peripherals
- Installation and configuration of software, backup/restore of data from storage devices
- Diagnostics and hardware repairs of desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors and peripherals
Outside sources
2008/10/28- Technical Support Assistance in BCOutside sources
2008/10/14- Business Billing Inquiries functions
Effective November 26, 2008
Telus International
2008/09/09- Payment mail processing for Ontario customers 
2008/08/07- 1. Records and Data Accuracy (Edmonton)
2. Customer Helpl Rep. Tier I
3. IT Support Tier I (Burnaby)
4. Business Service Desk Voice Repair (Montreal)
Telus International
2008/07/10- Business Solutions work:
1. Mass provisioning
2. contract renewals
3. ad-hoc reporting
4. credits
2008/06/17- Contracting out Managed Desktop SystemsPartners
2008/05/01- Contracting out administrative/manual data entry performed by Client Service Operations (CSO)Telus International
2008/04/21- Contracting out Internal Structured CableAppropriate vendors
2008/03/17- Contracting out call centre work (Koodo Mobile)Canadian based third party call-centre
2007/10/17- Provisioning work brought about by LCD with Department of National Defence 
2007/07/27- Provisioning work brought about by LCD with Western Canada Lottery Corp 
2007/07/26- Document Services on Viking Way in Richmond, BC 
2007/06/25- Tier 1 Internal SPOC supportTelus International
2007/06/20- Basic Toll Free,
- ID Code set-up,
- Transfer of Business Ownership (SBS and Emerging accounts),
- portion of Business Billing Inquiries
Telus International
2007/06/12- portion of Mobility call centre,Telus International
2007/05/28- portion of Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) client careLocal dealerships - Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver
2007/05/14- Legacy order assignment,
- D order assignment,
- assignment of updates and cancels,
- activations,
- RIT,
- AIN,
- intercepts
Telus International
2007/05/02- auditing inventory of cableTenold
2006/11/17- registration of basic, mass market contractsTelus International
2006/11/10- Utilities Invoice Payment 
2006/11/01- Operator ServicesTelus International
2006/09/11- Recovery of Radio Equipment and associated infrastructure,
- Payphone installation and Maintenance
2006/08/23- Internal Customer CareContract Staff to end of 2007
2006/07/18- Imaging new desktop and laptop computers,
- installation of New/Replacement Desktop and Laptop computers, printers, monitors and peripherals,
- diagnostic and hardware repairs of desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors and peripherals
Contract partners
2006/06/02- broadband build program AB and BC,(further to January 16, 2006 notification)Nokia (strategic partnership)
2006/05/25- At Home Agents Setup:
- Installation/configuration of software/hardware,
- Replacement of hardware/software as required,
- IT support during installation of home office
2006/03/21- certifications of handsetsConsultants (March 23 - September 30, 2006
2006/03/20- Construction-Aerial/underground,
- Placing/Splicing -fibre and Copper,
- Outside plant design,
- Pole contacts
Appropriate BC vendors
2006/03/02- Permit DesignAppropriate BC vendors
2006/02/27- Network translation DesignAppropriate BC vendors
2006/01/16- Retail Directory AssistanceExternal supplier
2006/01/16- TELUS Consumer Solutions:
- Manual order processing,
- Image data clean up,
- Outbound sales
2006/01/16- Fleet operations,
- Supply operations- Investment Recovery Group, Warehousing and internal distribution and mail operations,
- Real estate- Building maintenance service and trades,
- Travel services,
- forms control and copy administration,
- Equipment repair operations- printed circuit cards, voice and radio telephone sets, test equipment,
- Cable cutting,
- Telephone booth construction and repair,
- Custom manufacturing shops,
- Coin collecting,
- Contract Services clerical support,
- Services Purchase Order administration
- Installation and Repair,
- Construction,
- Various electrical functions,
- Various Clerical Administration functions
2006/01/10- TELUS BC:
- Tower Construction,
- Antenna and Transmission Line Installation,
- Electrical Work,
- Equipment Installation