Shaw Vancouver and Surrey Bargaining Update #1

Shaw Vancouver and Surrey Bargaining Update #1 - Thursday, July 28, 2022

Your current Collective Agreements are valid through to March 23, 2023 but with the impending Rogers merger, there are likely to be some changes coming to how things are run. To help prepare, your Unit Executive has prioritized the upcoming round of negotiations to help keep this a fair and respectful place to work. We know that is absolutely the right thing to do!

While we would like to start with a reminder that just because the term of the agreement may lapse before or while we are bargaining a new agreement, the existing provisions and protections remain in effect until either a new agreement or an impasse is reached.

To that end, at the Q2 meeting on April 27, 2022, nominations were opened for the following positions that we believe will create the most balanced and effective bargaining committee:

• Journeyman Vancouver – 1 to be elected
• Journeyman Surrey – 1 to be elected
• Business Installer At Large – 1 to be elected
• Residential Installer At Large – 1 to be elected
• Warehouse At Large – 1 to be elected

‘At large’ means that the representative could be from either the Surrey or the Vancouver certification. The Journeyman position is from the specific certification.

On July 20, 2022, nominations were completed and the following members were selected to represent you at the next bargaining round:

• Journeyman Vancouver – Andy Wong
• Journeyman Surrey – Wallace Koopmans
• Business Installer At Large – Curtis Sturrock
• Residential Installer At Large – Corey Mandryk
• Warehouse At Large – Stacey Sherback

This committee will then be comprised of a great mix of experience and some fresh eyes! We look forward to getting them together for some training and to prepare a bargaining survey so that they can most effectively represent you!

In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944