President's Message: Resolution reached over statutory holiday grievances

The Union is pleased to share some fantastic news concerning the 2020 Statutory Holiday Policy Grievance and the related Individual grievances. 

You may recall this issue from these previous hotlines:


In 2020, Christmas fell on a Friday and Boxing Day on a Saturday. Notwithstanding the Collective Agreement, the Company initially decided and communicated that Tuesday, December 28, would be observed as a “stat” date. Due to the Company’s position, many members volunteered to work on the 28, believing that there would be premium pay forthcoming. Days before, the Company then walked back from its earlier position and proceeded to communicate that no premium would be paid for work on the 28th.

Many of our members filed individual grievances regarding this, and the Union filed a policy grievance to contest the impact this had on our membership.


Today, we are happy to announce that the Union has come to an agreement with the Company that anyone who “volunteered” to work this day will, in fact, be paid the premium for the basic hours worked (1x for Appendix A, or ½ for Appendix B, 7.5 or 3.75 respectively). For those impacted, your pay advice ought to be reflective of this within the next couple of pay cycles. 

The Union is proactively reaching out to all individuals who either filed a grievance and/or benefitted from this settlement to discuss this further.

Thank you to all the members who stepped up and participated in this process.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to your Local Union Representative

In Solidarity,

Donna Hokiro, President 
USW local 1944