Acting President’s message: The Local is currently working on solving miscoding issues with Telus

January 8, 2021 - Dear Members,

To those affected by the coding issues regarding the statutory holidays of the Christmas break, I have been in constant contact with the Acting Director of Telus Labour Relations since Christmas Eve day. I am grateful for the many members who have flagged this as an issue and for all of the emails I have received. I am acutely aware of your frustration and the disruption in your lives that this has caused. This is why since December 24th, the Acting Director and myself have been working on this very important issue.
We have again just concluded a very lengthy conversation and she assures me that each scenario and issue is being gone through one by one. The complexity is noteworthy and not limited to just being a statutory holiday miscoding.

I will have a lot more information to share next week with respect to the corrections being made but in the meantime I felt it important to let you know that we are working with Telus to resolve your concerns correctly and as quickly as possible, but as importantly, to see that Telus puts into place a mechanism so that this does not reoccur in the future.

Your patience is appreciated and stay tuned for a fulsome accounting and more details next week.

In Solidarity,

Donna Hokiro, Acting President
USW Local 1944