ADT by Telus Bargaining Update #9

April 13, 2023

Bargaining Update #9

While your Bargaining Committee continues to fight for the best deal we can get out of this employer, we want to state again that we fully recognize and appreciate that this has been a challenging time for all of us. As much as we would like to update you fully on what is remaining on the Table, as the items will likely change, we are being very cautious not to allow the Company to bargain directly with you and attempt to sow division amongst us, so we are being as transparent as we can.

We have met with the Company four times in February and March and have only three more days scheduled. The lack of the company availability is impeding the bargaining process and delaying us from concluding bargaining. With the mandate you gave us, we were hopeful that the bargaining progress we were achieving last fall would continue, but we are not convinced that this employer wants to agree to a contract that reflects the value of your work. Therefore, we are pushing the Company for more days.

We have continued to negotiate and move on many of the non-monetary items that were still outstanding and have made some progress on several of these items, such as seniority and company service, the AHA Program, and job notifications. But unfortunately, there are still quite a few monetary items that we remain significantly apart on.

One of the last proposals received by the Company saw an increase from $500.00 to $750.00 as a one-time lump-sum payment as compensation for the now two years without a wage increase and only a paltry 2.5% increase on ratification of the collective agreement with an equally disappointing 2% each of the following years (2024/2025). This is based on the agreement being a three-year term, a length that we have tentatively agreed to in order to move bargaining along.
As we mentioned in the last update, this pittance of an offering does almost nothing to address Calgary’s drastic inflation rate of 7.3%. We have submitted multiple revised wage proposals that take the increase in the cost of living into consideration. We still firmly believe that ADT by Telus should be demonstrating that they do, in fact, value you, their employees.

As employees, we are why ADT by Telus continues to experience success and win awards for their customer service. Amazing customer service is what sets us apart. Yet when it comes to delivering a fair wage, the company prefers to pay its shareholders first.

ADT by Telus hopes that these delay tactics and low-ball offers will weaken our resolve and lead us to accept compensation that does little to help us in the face of an ever-changing economic climate. We are steadfast in our fight for a respectful contract. Meanwhile, the Company needs to see our collective effort and solidarity. We encourage you again to use the virtual backgrounds as a visual representation that you are standing with your Bargaining Committee.

We are relying on your continued support!

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee