ADT by Telus Bargaining Update #4 - July 29 2022

July 29, 2022 - Bargaining Update #4

While there have not been any meetings happening at the table between the employer and your committee over the month of July, this does not mean that nothing is happening and we wanted to provide an update to you.

The Local 1944 Executive Board met earlier this month, where they received an extensive report regarding how bargaining with ADT by Telus is going, and they even put together this short video of support for each of you:

The employer is trying to push the message-box that since this is a new agreement, it should be a basic bare-bones agreement, rather than an agreement between parties that have been working together for decades. However, Local 1944 and Telus are not new to negotiating with one another, and it is interesting to hear this perspective from some of the same Labour Relations Reps that we have dealt with for years regarding the broader Telus Collective Agreement.

Earlier this month, the Union filed an Unfair Labour Practice complaint with the Alberta Labour Board in regards to the employer issuing both bonuses and a raise to the employees that are not part of a Union and actively excluding those that are. While there is truth to their statement that there are not to be changes to working conditions without the Union’s approval, in this case, the Union very clearly offered to agree to this increase being applied to the membership in Calgary.

The company did not agree to this proposition and instead wanted to handle wages at the end of bargaining. The Union is extremely aware of the painful cost of living increases that you, the members are struggling with as everything continues to go up, except wages. In the words of former USW President Gerard, “We cannot guarantee we will win every fight we take on, but if we don’t fight, we’re guaranteed to lose.”

We also have an email set up so that you can reach your Communication Action Team (CAT) even if you don’t yet have their personal contact information. Please send in your questions or to get signed up on the Whatsapp groups. That email address is [email protected] . The CAT structure is in place to keep the 2-way communication flowing and to keep you informed throughout the bargaining process.

We recognize that achieving a fair and respectful agreement will take some time and, in the meantime, we wanted to remind you now that you have been duly certified with us as your Union, even though there is not a formal grievance process in place yet, we can still assist you with:

• Offering advice on how to defend yourself in discipline/termination cases;
• Advising on how the bargaining process works and filing complaints as appropriate;
• Advising on how the labour code applies to your working conditions as well as possibly taking action at the Labour Board;
• Advising on workplace accommodation issues so that you have what you need to succeed at your job despite health/life circumstances you may deal with.

The next scheduled bargaining session is on August 8th and 9th. We also have a solidarity BBQ being planned for August 28th and we look forward to seeing you there. Please remember to register with the Eventbrite link that was sent last week. If you’d like it resent to you, please email the [email protected] email address.

Your continued solidarity is what will make the difference in bargaining!

In Solidarity,
USW 1944 and your bargaining committee!