Acting President’s Message: 1944 Proudly Announces Bargaining Committee

November 27 - The election for your bargaining committee has taken place and the votes counted. As previously communicated, we announced that you, the Telus members, would be an integral part in the selection of your committee in a brand new way. One member – one vote. You the members would decide collectively. We made sure that each province and each classification would be fairly represented, based on the applicable number of members in any one province. In doing so, we designed the ‘silo’ approach. Additionally, we informed you that two Board members would be selected by the Acting President to round out the committee. As Acting President, I canvassed for volunteers because I believe (and I think you all would agree) no one should be forced to do anything that wouldn’t fit with their lives at any given moment. I had one Officer already running in the election to represent his silo and was acclaimed, Robert Briza. I was very pleased to see that another two Officers indeed wanted to take on the added responsibilities of not only being an Officer but also the added pressures of being on the committee. As always, the President sits per our ByLaws as the chief spokesperson on behalf of the committee. This next round will indeed also see significant help, resources and presence by the larger Union per a formal request I had made to them some time ago. We are in constant and ongoing discussion with respect to logistics, tactics and other fundamentals to ensure a successful round of negotiations, and we are laying this groundwork well ahead of the expiry of our Collective Agreement on December 31, 2021.

I should also add that all elections except for BC Plant had only two members competing which means that if for whatever reason the first elected member is unable to complete their bargaining committee duties the alternate (runner up) will take their place. For the election in BC Plant, the alternate is Brent Armstrong. Where there were acclamations – meaning there wasn’t a contest – in the event that the elected member is unable to complete the term, another member from that silo would be appointed by the President. Finally, I want to thank everyone who put their name forward. Of all the Committees and positions one could put themselves forward for, the most selfless one is the Bargaining Committee. It takes great strength and courage, determination and passion, and dare I say, love for your Union to put yourself out there. Your activism and desire to make your Union and workplaces better is notable and on behalf of the Executive Board, I thank you. Allow me to now introduce to you your complete bargaining committee.


Telus Bargaining - BC Plant Position
Matt Rizzo
Brent Armstrong (alternate)

Telus Bargaining - BC Clerical/Traffic Position
Candace Knoll

Telus Bargaining - AB Plant Position
Cory Anderson
Trevor Malloy (alternate)

Telus Bargaining - AB Clerical/Traffic Position
Ashok Tripathi
Mary Wojdyga (alternate)

Telus Bargaining - Ontario Position
Aaron Ma

Telus Bargaining - Quebec Position
Robert Briza

Officer Appointees:
Richard Blais - Regional Executive Officer Alberta
Ross Brown - Trustee

Chair and Chief Spokesperson:
Donna Hokiro - Acting President

In Solidarity,

Donna Hokiro
Acting President