USW Local 1944 stands with striking IBEW brothers and sisters at Ledcor – Help report Ledcor SCABS

October 18, 2019 - IBEW 213 members employed at Ledcor LTS in BC have been on strike since October 1, 2019. These members perform contract work on Telus’ fibre-optic network.

“When Telus and its contractors are permitted to play ‘race-to-the-bottom’ with technicians’ wages and working conditions, all members lose whether they are USW 1944 or IBEW 213.” said USW 1944 Secretary-Treasurer Michael Phillips. “The less Telus’ contractors are paid, the greater the threat that more of our work will be contracted out for cost savings, it’s that simple. The better a deal these strikers get, the better a deal we can fight for in our own bargaining with Telus in two years time.”

The dispute with Ledcor started 2 years ago, in August 2017, when workers unionized with IBEW 213 in an attempt to protect themselves from unjust work practices and a hazardous work environment. These strikers are fighting for a first Collective Agreement against an employer intent on breaking their bargaining unit.

“The members have been fighting for over two years for a collective agreement,” said Robin Nedila, Assistant Business Manager at IBEW 213. “The bargaining unit has dwindled down by almost half due to Company abuse, mass terminations, department shut downs, etc. – all in hopes of discouraging involvement in the Union. This is Canada, we can do better than this. All they want is a fair agreement.” 

How can you help?

Some IBEW members are scabbing, remaining at work despite the fact that their fellow Union members are on strike. Shame. In response, IBEW is launching mobile (‘flying’) pickets, to picket these scabs when they are doing on-site work, however, they need to know where the scabs are working to do so.

On any given day, USW Local 1944 has hundreds of employees travelling BC, and especially the Lower Mainland, whether during their shift, or commuting to and from work. We are asking members to join the IBEW 213 strikers’ fight by being the eyes of the strikers throughout BC.

If you see a Ledcor vehicle working on behalf of Telus in BC they are a SCAB. Some vehicles still have the Ledcor logo, but others have had the logo removed and look like the picture attached. Please report these scabs (including location) by sending a text to Robin Nedila at 604-786-0304. Please do so only on your own time (off-shift or on break), not while driving, and if using your company mobile phone make it quick.

Successful unionization and bargaining for Telus contractors raises the working standard for all Telus employees, and so their fight is truly your fight as well. Let’s help them win. 

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944