Global Climate Strike happening on September 27, 2019

September 26, 2019 - (Please note that USW Local 1944 is not encouraging any workplace strike action, only participation on your own time).

Tomorrow, September 27, people around the world will march to join a truly global movement for the climate. As union activists, we are directly involved in addressing climate change, as it will increase economic inequalities, affect our jobs, hurt our families and communities. Please take on your free time to join in the movement, and send a clear message to our governments that it is time for them to do more to save our planet. 

Your participation in this action is important: it sends the public message that the labour movement takes action to protect the future of the planet. We urge governments to develop climate policies that ensure a just transition for workers who are already or will be affected by climate change. Workers cannot afford to be divided in the face of climate change.

“Past and current Canadian Federal governments have constantly been ignoring the climate crisis,” said Donna Hokiro, Acting President. “On October 21, we need to elect a Federal government that commits to protecting the environment and our rights as workers. We cannot compromise on either of these two priorities, and it is time we elect leaders who understand that these issues go hand in hand.”

“Supporting a just transition means recognizing that climate change is a societal problem and society should work together to solve it – workers in certain industries or jobs shouldn’t be punished for the work they do,” said Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour.”

Local 1944 encourages everyone to attend a march on their free time, and wear proudly their Local 1944 colours to show solidarity. Be active on social media and share the word by using the following hashtags: #ClimateStrike #deboutpourlaplanete #usw1944

 Become active in this youth-led global movement, and challenge the political and economic status quo. Together, we can build power and make positive changes.

Where can I march?
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Thank you for your participation! Send us your pictures at [email protected].

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944