Telus Bargaining Updates

The membership has voted to accept Telus’ latest offer, with 70% voting in favour. 

Hello Members,

By working relentlessly since launching our #RiseUP campaign, we’ve made many gains for our members and our families, including:

Your Bargaining Committee is pleased to share that, following discussions with Telus executives this past weekend, a tentative agreement has been reached on the outstanding Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Bargaining Update #22 - October 21, 2022

Your Bargaining Committee Files for Federal Conciliation

Yesterday, many of you received an email from Telus “Setting Healthy Boundaries”. They say that “now is a great time to start setting and reviewing your personal boundaries”. Yet Telus is bargaining directly with our members, causing unnecessary stress. 

Telus claims that their offer is fair and free of concessions. This is simply incorrect! 

We met with the Company today, and instead of bargaining with your Committee, they told us that they are putting the package that is almost identical to the one you have already rejected in front of you, for your review. Any improvements to the Collective Agreement they put to you are a direct result of your Bargaining Committee having fought for them. We believe they can do better because you deserve better!

Your Bargaining Committee resumed negotiations with the Company today. It is our goal to continue to meet with the company to ensure we get the best deal possible and address the priorities that matter to YOU.
Today your Bargaining Committee met with Telus CEO Darren Entwistle, and we were joined by USW District 3 Director, Scott Lunny. We brought your voice to the table. We delivered your dissatisfaction with the current offer and have managed to push Telus off some smaller concessions. While the conversation with Darren Entwistle was respectful, Telus nonetheless followed the same pattern, making small moves on monetary offers to distract from the real issues.
Avec une forte majorité de membres inscrits pour voter, vous avez donné à votre Comité de négociation un vote de mandat de grève énorme à 97% !
With a strong majority of members registering to vote, you’ve given your Bargaining Committee a massive 97% Strike Mandate Vote!
Your Bargaining Committee is committed to transparency. That is why we have chosen to briefly suspend bargaining and have advised Telus that we are taking the next steps to meet with our members. Your Bargaining Committee believes it has reached a point in negotiations that we feel it is incumbent upon us to talk directly with you, and to seek from you a clear and decisive Strike Mandate Vote that will show Telus we are not backing down!

Telus Bargaining Update #16 - September 6, 2022

We continue to meet with the Company virtually. However, the Company’s insistence on concessions is not helpful to reaching an agreement and has caused a log jam. The Union continues to fight for our priorities.

Talks are slated to continue this week, and we will be meeting with the Company in-person the week of September 12.

Our demands are clear: job security and improved compensation. This should be easy for a profitable company such as Telus.