Telus Bargaining Update #8 - April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022 - Your Bargaining Committee has continued to meet with the Company to demand improvements to job protection, benefits, and scheduling. The Company is continuing with its trend of decreasing job security, collapsing job titles, placing restrictions on pensions and benefits, having you work harder, and paying you less.

They can do better. We deserve better.
We continue to hear Telus brag about record profits and how YOU make a difference.  However, at the bargaining table, they show no gratitude for the work YOU have done to accomplish this.

They can do better. We deserve better.
The Company believes that if one group has less, we should all have less.  Less holidays, less time with our family, less, less, less.

They can do better. We deserve better.
It is OUR Union that is striving to make improvements to your daily working lives by pushing back on any concessions proposed by the Company. We demand better from a company that is reaping massive profits.

They can do better. We deserve better.
As we approach the Easter break, most of our members will be given Easter Monday off to be with their families or be paid a premium for working that day. Many members, unfortunately, will not. Your Union is demanding that ALL members be provided the same benefit. Meanwhile, the Company wants to eliminate this paid holiday entirely!

This is just a small sample of the unnecessary concessions the Company is seeking:

● Less job security,
● Less time off,
● Less pay, more work.

They can do better. We deserve better.

ALL of our members should realize that WHEN YOU TAKE FROM ONE. YOU TAKE FROM ALL!

#RiseUP together to protect and improve our rights and our working conditions!

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

USW Local 1944