Telus Bargaining Update #6 - January 25, 2022

January 25, 2022 - The Bargaining Committee continues to meet and work through the proposals that the Union and Company have put forward. 

In this round, we have been able to push the Company to provide specific language much sooner than previous rounds of bargaining. But, sadly, their proposals are still concessionary.

The Union continues to stick to your priorities, as identified in the bargaining survey that our members participated in. Your Committee is driving issues such as job security, scheduling, benefits, and better working conditions for ALL of our members coast to coast.

The status quo of off-shoring and contracting out OUR jobs will not do. These are foundational issues for us, and the Company must address them.

Remember – the Union has your back. You may hear rumors or whispers, often originating from the Company but if you don’t hear it from us, it may not be accurate.

Keep informed – Contact a PUMA member, sign up for your Unit's chat network and attend your Unit meetings to learn more. A Table Officer or member of the Bargaining Committee likely will be in attendance at your meeting where you can get more information.

A list of upcoming meetings can be found here.

Support your Bargaining Committee! We are in this Together. Your voice matters. Bargaining matters to ALL of us. 


In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee
USW Local 1944