Telus Bargaining Update #4 – No Surprises But Lots of Disappointment

October 28, 2021 - As we know, your Local Union has been engaging and listening to you, the members, for months. We all know that Telus is a successful company and has made extraordinary amounts of money during COVID.

Too many of us feel undervalued and not recognized for our collective contribution to Telus’ success.

We met on October 26 & 27 to open collective bargaining. The Union brought reasonable demands to improve the collective agreement and to protect our jobs. It was disappointing that, despite a few nice words, the company brought a huge package of concessions. They want you to work more for less and to leave you without any job security. 

Telus has built an excellent network off our backs, and through their proposals, it’s apparent that they want us to pay for it.

We told the company that this time will be different. It will.

The Union has your back. We have proposed to protect what you have and to make improvements, to protect your jobs and benefits and to get you the respect you deserve. We demand better.

Together we shall

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee