Telus Bargaining Update #37

The membership has voted to accept Telus’ latest offer, with 70% voting in favour. 

After 16 months of negotiations, with a 97% strike mandate, and a rejection of Telus’ initial offer, by almost 2/3, the leadership of Telus and the USW met to try to hammer out a deal.

Your solidarity moved the Company to improve their offer by backing away from concessions to the TWPP, COLA and reducing the duration of the agreement. After achieving these improvements, Telus had indicated that they would make no further movement, which is why the Bargaining Committee recommended their offer. 

One thing is clear: Telus needs to do better.

While the new agreement expires on March 31, 2027, the road to the next collective agreement starts now. The path to the next Collective Agreement starts with the participation of all of our members. Starting now, make a commitment to yourself to come to your regular Unit meetings, participate in union events, voice your concerns and get involved in the Union. File complaints and grievances, to make your voices heard and your issues matter.

Start saving money, now. This round of bargaining, above all, has demonstrated that while job action may be necessary, it may also be financially difficult for our members. If we start saving now, we can be ready for a labour dispute, should the need arise.

Filing grievances is key to the bargaining process: they show what’s wrong with the Collective Agreement, and what needs to be improved. When our members don’t feel heard by the Company, grievances will make the Company listen.

It is the duty of every member to stand up for the rights enshrined in their Collective Agreement. If we go into the next agreement as unified as we were by the end of this agreement, we won’t have a 16-month negotiation. It will begin and end sooner, and better.

Please see President Donna Hokiro's video here.
In Strength and Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee