Telus Bargaining Update #36

Hello Members,

By working relentlessly since launching our #RiseUP campaign, we’ve made many gains for our members and our families, including:

We Gained:
✅ Pay provisions for employees absent from duty now applies to all members
✅ A standardized Union introduction for all members
✅ Domestic Violence Leave
✅ Increases, long overdue, to per diem rates, boot allowances, and premiums
✅ Enhanced Technological Change Protection
✅ Language allowing our stewards to participate in Investigative Meetings
✅ Ability to remove Letters of Concern
✅ The automatic removal of sunsetted discipline
✅ Health benefits and wages for Appendix C
✅ A VDU break for Appendix B consistent with Appendix A
✅ Prescriptive wage administration language for Appendix B

Every single win was made possible by your solidarity. Participating in events, sharing pictures, writing letters, participating in your unit meetings or taking part in rallies. Together, our voices became a powerful transmitter, calling for change in our workplaces.

Thanks to your solidarity we were able to protect language dealing with:

✅ Vacation entitlements for both Appendix A and B
✅ Callout and standby language
✅ Overtime for work on holidays, and elsewhere
✅ Shift differentials such as split shifts
✅ Protected the wage rates for members, through advanced red-circling language
✅ Vacation allotment maintained at 20%, instead of 15% as proposed by the company
✅ Entry to the TWPP
✅ Cost of Living Adjustment

Please review this itemized document for further details.

In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee