Telus Bargaining Update #27

Telus - The Company That Stole Christmas

It is with great regret that your Bargaining Committee is advising you of Telus’ unilateral decision to halt bargaining by walking away from the table. For the past 14 months, your Bargaining Committee has shown up to the table ready to engage in good faith bargaining with Telus. From day one, our message has been clear: we want a fair deal. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Management.

Just yesterday, during federal conciliation, after presenting Management with another revised offer showing our willingness to work with them on many of their key issues, they simply said NO and walked away. It appears this was always their intent. Make no mistake about it, not engaging with your Bargaining Committee to reach a deal is a callous disregard for the sacrifices you have made through the pandemic and the hardships you face in this inflationary environment.

Telus has chosen to come directly to the membership, bypassing your Committee yet again. They will not be presenting you with a fair, just or equitable deal. You are worth more than what they will be putting before you.

Your Bargaining Committee will be presenting details of their offer to you in the new year. You will have the opportunity to vote on the Management offer at upcoming Town Hall Meetings. Your Committee will be recommending you vote NO.

You will be notified in advance of the specifics of the Town Hall Meetings and be provided an opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

We look forward to seeing you there.


In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee