Telus Bargaining Update #21 - October 19, 2022

Telus claims that their offer is fair and free of concessions. This is simply incorrect! 

We met with the Company today, and instead of bargaining with your Committee, they told us that they are putting the package that is almost identical to the one you have already rejected in front of you, for your review. Any improvements to the Collective Agreement they put to you are a direct result of your Bargaining Committee having fought for them. We believe they can do better because you deserve better!

Remember: If you haven't heard it from your Union, it is probably not true.

Telus will be coming to you in meetings and one-on-ones to try to sell you on their concessionary package. Telus is trying to convince you that this package is good for you. Their spin machine is going full-tilt. It is critically important that you Hold The Line and not state or imply that this sub-par offer is acceptable.

The Union has your back and wants the very best deal we can get.

Telus is trying to undermine the bargaining process; this is why they have emailed you directly, but they underestimated your resolve and solidarity. Their strategy is backfiring, as shown in our last hotline. 

When management asks what you think of their offer, the strongest way to advocate for yourself and your coworkers is to tell them these five words: “I support my Bargaining Committee.”

The positive reinforcement you have shown your Bargaining Committee continues to give us the strength needed for the best chance at an agreement that benefits you and your families.

Your Bargaining Committee is bargaining towards a model that would keep our members answering calls from the customers in their communities. Offshoring work hurts our communities, our customers and our members.

Allowing the continued erosion of your jobs IS concessionary.

We are bargaining towards a model where technicians are guaranteed work through career growth and promotion automatically. Investing in your future with work jurisdiction and responsibility for maintaining the network you built written right into the contract.

Allowing the continued erosion of your work IS concessionary.

We are bargaining for a future where new work comes to our members, in a workplace free from aggressive surveillance, and where our members' mental health is protected.

As for their package, simply put: Telus wants you to pay more and accept less.

Telus is still seeking to reduce its costs by passing them on to YOU:

● Passing on Health Benefit costs to members

● Reducing PDO and Personal Leave Days

● Reducing Internet Subsidies for Home Agents

● Assigning work to employees that are paid less

● Transfer of work to non-USW1944 call centers (both in Canada and Internationally)

● In BC, by closing the TWPP, Telus reduces their contributions by 40%

● In Appendix A, reducing support for worker compensation claims

These items are CONCESSIONARY.

When you take from one, you take from all!


For wages, your Bargaining Committee is proposing a 15% increase over 3 (three) years, retroactive to January 1, 2022. Remember, these amounts contribute to your pension, overtime and benefits for the remainder of your career. Lump sums do not!

Members did not receive pay increases in 2016, 2017 and 2018, as well as in 2022.

The average wage increase this year in Canada is 3.8%. Next year it is projected to be 4.2 %.

We are being reasonable, Telus is being unreasonable.


In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee