Telus Bargaining Update #15

Telus Bargaining Update #15 - August 16, 2022

Your committee continues to fight against concessions. We are not just fighting for the removal of concessions but for improvements to our Collective Agreement.

We are demanding for craft:

  • A clear path of succession from digital home technician to service technician with clear timelines and wage progression. 
  • Jurisdictional language, so when repair or maintenance is needed on Telus plant or services, our members would get that work.
  • Improving boot allowance, and board and lodging premiums.

 We are demanding for call centres:

  • Improvements to ergonomic equipment and internet subsidies.
  • Job protections from inevitable tech change and automation.
  • Improvements to In-charge and training duty premiums.

 For all members we fight for:

  • Wage protection in the event of jobs being contracted out and members reassigned to lower pay positions.
  • Better job posting procedures.
  • Improved Union representation in the workplace.
  • Protections against surveillance software and GPS.

These are just a few of proposals your committee has been working tirelessly to bring to fruition.

Telus is choosing to ignore our demands and concentrate on their own proposals. They have not entertained or countered the proposals above in any meaningful way. Only members supporting one another loudly and proudly will show the Company that it needs to bargain fairly with the Union on these issues.

 We stand strong together!

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee
USW Local 1944