Telus Bargaining Update #14

Telus Bargaining Update #14 - August 2, 2022

As the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation approaches, your Bargaining Team is working hard to negotiate its inclusion and others into our Collective Agreement.

Telus publicly recognizes the importance of these holidays but fails to show the same commitment at the bargaining table without concessions!

Appendix A
Telus refuses to accept the addition of this holiday without the removal of Easter Monday Holiday. Members will see no increase in paid time off.

Appendix B
Telus refuses to equalize the paid time off for Holidays with the West, failing to recognize Remembrance Day or Easter Monday. Sticking to the minimum, legislated days.

Appendix C
Telus will recognize the Holiday but at the expense of your float day. Members will see no increase in paid time off.

We ALL stand to lose so we must ALL stand together.

Support your Bargaining Committee by standing together in Solidarity and say NO to these concessions.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

USW Local 1944