Telus Bargaining Update #11

Hello members,

We've been bargaining for 8 months and met with the Company for 43 days and despite record profit, more than 50 concessions remain on the table.

Despite fighting to make meaningful gains your committee has spent much of its time defending the benefits in our current contract.

●     Currently, Telus is demanding the merger of job titles in Mobility and FFH across the country (Appendix A + B) so call center members will no longer be differentiated between levels. There is an increase for few, but this is a long-term loss for our members, especially at a time of record profit and inflation.

●     The Digital Home Technician position would be eliminated and a new job role created with no demarcation restriction. Compensation would be tied to skills, added or removed depending on the services available at each location. The Company has indicated they would no longer hire Service Technicians. It would lead to the death of the role.

 After 8 months, Telus’ objective is clear:

Increase profit at the expense of our Members

Telus is doing phenomenally well, there are no reasons to be asking for concessions. We demand Telus withdraw their concessionary proposals and we need our membership to demand the same.

When you support your bargaining committee and we support each other, anything is possible.

Your solidarity matters.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

USW Local 1944