Bargaining Update #26

We have been working hard to negotiate a fair and equitable contract and are leaving no stone unturned. When we are not in front of the Company, we are continuing to work for you, our members. We have been leafleting Telus stores nationwide, meeting with Members of Parliament in Ottawa, shining the USW Batlight on Telus buildings, and running digital ads on social media. 
We will continue to raise our voices, loud and proud.
In addition to the actions listed above, we also wrote to the Telus Board of Directors outlining our concerns and demands. Click here to see the letter we sent them. Unfortunately, their response was underwhelming.
Dick Auchinleck, Chairperson of the Board, stated, "We are fully confident in Management's ability to handle this matter. The Board is aware of the details of our offer and believe it to be a strong and attractive offer for our team members." See the response from Dick Auchinleck here.
They want us to know they are ok with our members earning less. This is disappointing news; however, we will be relentless in our efforts to secure a better deal for our members.
We have worked out how much our members would earn if wages had risen with the cost of living since 2000. Based on this calculation, a member making $20.00 per hour in 2000 would be earning $30.48 today if our pay kept up with inflation; however, this figure is 16% higher than your actual wage of $26.28. This includes ratifying nine (9) years of 0% wage increases. The Company's current wage proposals, which includes another 0% in 2022, would see you fall even further behind. This is unacceptable, and we will continue to fight for better wages and working conditions for YOU.
Thank you for your support and commitment to our Union.
In Strength and Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee