Bargaining Update #24

As you know, we filed for conciliation on October 21. Mediator Kathy Peters of the Federal Conciliation Mediation Service was assigned to us on November 3. 

We have a minimum of 60 days in the conciliation process.

We met with Kathy Peters for the first time on November 15 to review outstanding proposals. 

Negotiations are continuing, and we are scheduled to meet with the Company and the Conciliator. 

If no deal is reached by January 2, 2023, we enter into a mandatory 21-day cooling-off period. Mediation can continue during this timeframe. 

If no deal is reached by January 21, 2023, we can serve a 72-hour legal strike notice. As promised, prior to any strike action, we will come back to you, the members. 

However, we remain focused and determined to get you a fair deal.

In strength and solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee