Bargaining Update #23

On October 21, we applied for conciliation and are waiting to begin. We have included the bargaining roadmap to remind you where we are in the process. The Minister of Labour has named Kathy Peters as conciliator; we are meeting with her on Monday to set dates to continue the bargaining process. 

We want to meet in person during this crucial stage, but Telus’ preference is to meet virtually. 
The parties had bargained virtually for almost one year. Then, beginning on September 12, we met in person for just over one month. The parties have found more final resolutions on issues during that time than in the many months of virtual bargaining. As we enter the final negotiation stage, this momentum is better sustained in person.
We believe that with the help of a conciliator; we can secure a fair collective agreement. 
However, in the coming weeks, we will be asking you to join us in solidarity actions. So please do your part and show support for your bargaining committee. 
What is conciliation?
Conciliation is a process where the Federal Government works with both parties to try to reach an agreement. Click here for more info. 

In Strength and Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee