Bargaining Update #22

Bargaining Update #22 - October 21, 2022

Your Bargaining Committee Files for Federal Conciliation

Yesterday, many of you received an email from Telus “Setting Healthy Boundaries”. They say that “now is a great time to start setting and reviewing your personal boundaries”. Yet Telus is bargaining directly with our members, causing unnecessary stress. 

They say, “Setting – and sticking to – healthy emotional boundaries can help you build balanced relationships, and preserve emotional bandwidth so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed and burnt out”. Yet they are demanding our members work ten (10) days back to back during the Black Friday period. So how do you balance your home life when all you’re doing is working?

They say, “Having clear lines between work and home life: for example, shutting off your computer and not responding to calls or emails after your workday is over”. Yet with all the Brown/Blackouts, how can we obtain a work-life balance?

They say, “Asking for help, and delegating some tasks to others”. Yet our SWT is pressurized, our ACW is monitored, and there are constantly fewer members to do more work.  

Once again, this email demonstrates just how out of touch Telus is and is why you can only trust your Union because, yet again, Telus says one thing but does another. 

Your Bargaining Committee has reviewed their latest package that was sent to you and, as expected, found numerous misrepresentations. 

The membership has had enough. You have made your voices loud and clear. Telus must do more. But, the Telus Bargaining Team will only bargain using their package as the blueprint and refuse to discuss outstanding Union proposals as they claim they don’t have the mandate to do so.

Your Committee has offered to continue to bargain, but Telus has not responded as of today. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to move to the next step of the bargaining process and file for Federal Conciliation. This is a common recourse when bargaining becomes difficult, whereby the Federal Government may appoint an individual or Board to work with the parties to seek voluntary agreement on outstanding issues within 60 days.

To see where we are now in the bargaining process, click on our Map.

The following are some new comments we’ve been receiving that indicate strong support for your Bargaining Committee and your rejection of the Company’s latest package:

“It seems the company would rather bleed its people vs invest in them.”

“Total BS, enough is enough. TELUS needs to fork up this time around. I SUPPORT MY BARGAINING COMMITTEE!! TIME TO RISE UP.”

“I would like to thank the Union for continuing to negotiate despite how frustrating it is for everyone involved.”

“When a company is thriving because of the relentless effort of the front line who are the heart and soul of the company need to be compensated adequately. We just need a fair deal.”

“The offer is insulting, I've never felt more unappreciated than working for this company.”

“We lost too much in the last round,  if they take more this time,  what will they take the next time?  Working for pennies and never seeing our families or loved ones ,  I don't like that idea one bit.”

“15% or 5 5 5 is very very reasonable considering all the inflation and very little pay increases we have had in the last 6 years.. I believe and hope everybody stays together and strong. Always keep in mind that it is for the long term. What you leave on the table today, it is never coming back ever again.”

“I'll never agree to worse benefits. I don't care what type of one-time payment they dangle.”

“Maybe we need to stand and say to them. We no longer want to be dealt directly, we will not accept direct negotiation, we will only accept when there is no concession and agreement with the union.”

“Let's call a strike please so this guy knows he is nothing without us.”

“Just read the full list of the offer. Seems to be trying to get us to turn on each other by saying it won't impact existing team members even though it does. Really trying to shine a turd here.”

“He just can't accept the fact that we didn't fall at his feet with the Thanksgiving weekend offer.”

“I don't even know why he's trying to reach out to us directly. Deal with our bargaining committee!”