Bargaining Committee VSP/ERIP Message

Telus has recently offered Voluntary Severance Packages and Early Retirement Incentives to our members in FFH Loyalty and Retention, as well as Technical Support. These VSPs and ERIPs are voluntary, and the members do not have to take them. We know the work is still there. With the continuous offers of overtime for the Loyalty and Retention groups it doesn’t make sense for the Company to reduce the workforce. But again, the Company seeks to reduce our membership and eliminate good Canadian jobs.

Over the term of the last collective agreement Telus has eliminated, contracted out, and offshored roughly 2000 jobs, largely through VSP, ERIP, and attrition. This cannot continue, we need to stand together as members and fight for our jobs! If you feel like you are being intimidated into accepting these packages, please reach out to a Union Representative.

Now more than ever we need to RiseUP and fight back!! 

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee

USW Local 1944