Shaw Abbotsford Bargaining Update #7 and Unit 60 Automation Update

September 30, 2020 - Bargaining Update re: Abbotsford. While we are trying to advance the issues that are important to you; equity in wages and working conditions, job security and benefits. The Company on the other hand wants you to give up these things and does not want to have to talk to your Union for SEVEN more years. Additional dates have been set in late October. 

This fits with their narrative re: Automation. The Union attempted to reach a deal with Shaw to prevent the company from getting away with another 54 delay tactic scenario. Unfortunately friends, the deal that the company stuck to was a fined tune message of robbery. They want everything for peanuts. They want us to walk away from many fights that we are undertaking for you (use of automation instead of using lay-off, contracting out, demotions, FTTP, and Hot Plant) all for pennies and very few members being returned with no assurances. You are likely to hear from the company that they were benevolent and generous, if that were true, we’d have a deal. 

We will continue to fight for you, we are not buying their concessionary demands, and neither should you. 


Download the PDF version of this bargaining update.