The Ride

Local 1944 is looking for members to participate in The Ride to Conquer Cancer (or The Ride) in 2020, to help the cancer research in Canada. As every member will be affected at some point in their lives by cancer, directly or indirectly, Local 1944 believes that this cause is our cause.

There are 4 annual rides organized throughout Canada, 1 in each of the provinces that Local 1944 represents:

We already have a team in Alberta, the Steel on Wheels Team, for which we are looking to register more participants. If you want to join the team, please email us at [email protected]

Members living in another province and who are willing to participate in the Ride can contact us at [email protected]. Wherever you live, this will be a great opportunity to build strong relationships with other union activists through community action.

How you can participate

  • By joining or creating a team
  • Through the Virtual Rider Program
  • By registering as a Crew Member or Volunteer
  • By making a donation to the team of your choice (proceeds will go to the provincial Cancer Foundation)

What you need to know about The Ride

  • Every Rider has to raise $2,500 in order to participate.
  • Funds raised through The Ride are powering research, clinical trials and enhanced care programs.
  • Every Rider will be provided with a personal webpage for fundraising.
  • All expenses are covered for: Riders are bussed to the camp, where accommodation and meals are provided.
  • Throughout the weekend, Riders' health and safety are taken care of, with vehicle suites and doctors on site.

Why is Local 1944 getting involved in The Ride?

The facts are as follows: 50% of Canadians will be personally affected by cancer at least once over the course of their lives. That means cancer will impact 50% of our coworkers and friends' health in our workplaces. Considering these statistics, Local 1944 believes cancer research is also a union issue.

I believe that helping cancer research is an integral part of our Local Union’s missions," said Juanita West, Local Union Representative for Alberta, who registered as a Rider for our Alberta Steel on Wheels team for 2020. "Everyone in our Local will be affected or has been somehow by cancer. Because it affects entire workplaces, it’s very important that the Local gets involved with these campaigns. Some cancers are caused by the workplace; that is why companies have a huge responsibility regarding the disease. Every worker has the right to work in a healthy environment that includes protection against certain types of cancer.

Our Riders share their experiences

Our members participated in the Ride in Alberta on August 2019. Discover the pictures of our Steel on Wheels Team 2019.

What kind of experience is The Ride? "Having participated in 10 of the 11 years I can say it is an inspirational, emotional and challenging weekend," said Sheila Brown-Eckersley, from Unit 203 in Calgary, and Team Captain for our Steel on Wheels team in Alberta for the Ride 2019. "I began this journey in 2009 as a way to recover from my Mother’s death from Pancreatic Cancer in 2007."

$2,500 is a lot of money, what if I cannot raise the sum before August? "Raising money will be a lot easier and faster than you think," says Sheila. "It's not as if you were asking money for yourself: you are asking money for a good cause, that affects 1 in 2 Canadians. Your friends and family will be happy to help, but also your neighbours, coworkers, and employer. The first step is to include The Ride email badge in your emails. Also, keep in mind that it is easier to raise money as a team than as an individual Rider, simply because we achieve more when we work together."
"Fundraisers I have done include selling my home-canned goods, a garage sale where several friends helped by adding items for sale, a 50/50 draw at work as well. I know of several groups that have joined with local bars to have a fundraising night, I also ask everyone that I know to help out even in a small way since they get a tax receipt for any donation over $10."

What if I'm not an experienced Rider? "This is not a race, and the people you will meet during The Ride are not here for the competition," says Sheila. "During this weekend, you will be supported, you will meet people with who you will be able to share your story. Everybody works towards the same cause: saving lives through cancer research."

How can I boost my training? "Here's a very simple idea: download a training application!" says Sheila. "It really does the trick. I also like training with my husband, who rides with me."